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Please note: the call for abstracts has now closed and the form below is no longer operative.

To submit a proposal to one of the workshops or thematic sessions, please use the on-line form below, identifying the title of the workshop or indicative theme you are submitting to in the space provided. See the six panel entries under 'Aims and Themes' for details of these, and refer to the individual workshops texts under 'Workshops'.

There inevitably exists a degree of overlap across the six Indicative Themes, and between aspects of these and the four Workshops, meaning an abstract submission might potentially be linked to more than one area. Moreover, we are, in principle, open to submissions that might not fit easily within any of the suggested lines of investigation. That said, it is important that authors select just one Indicative Theme or Workshop that they feel their submission predominately addresses - we cannot accept multiple presentations to different streams from single authors. In cases where collaborative projects with several facets connecting to seperate streams pass peer review, we would expect more than one author to attend the conference to represent and present.

We will of course endeavour to honour author choices, subject to the fact that we must necessarily reserve the right to curate the final Programme according to the quantity and quality of submissions received and in ways that may not mirror exactly how the topics are presented under 'Aims and Themes'.

Authors who pass the double-blind peer review process must attend the conference to present their projects. We will not present or publish the work of those who, for whatever reason, cannot answer for their projects in person and participate and contribute more widely across the conference format.


Multliple Author Submissions:

We apologise but the form below is not particularly helpful for multiple author submissions. As a workaround, until we fix this, multiple authored submissions should follow the following simple procedure:

For example, in the case of the authors: Malcolm Ferris, Josie Spencer and Tim Bolton:

Under first names, put the name of the person you want to appear first, or (as in this case) in the alphabetical order of their surnames: (i.e., Tim, Malcolm, Josie). Under last names, put the name of the person you want to appear first, or (as in this case) in the alphabetical order of their surnames: (i.e., Bolton, Ferris, Spencer). Under ‘Your Email’ and 'Your Telephone’ either give just one primary contact, or repeat emails and telephone numbers in the order of surnames. Again, under institution, list the institutional affiliations of the authors in the same order as their surnames.

Should you have any problems uploading your abstract, do not hesitate to contact us at:

You may supply up to three images. Either via upload or specifying a URL. Images may be jpg, png or gif