We The People (are the work) September - November 2017

We The People (are the work) is a city-wide exhibition that will build connections and collaborations between the people of Plymouth and internationally renowned artists. The city will be activated by a series of newly commissioned artworks that question our engagement with politics and identity. In the wake of recent global events, it asks what are the differences and shared experiences that shape society?
We The People (are the work) is curated by Simon Morrissey, Director of Foreground, and presented by PVAPG (Plymouth Visual Art Programming Group), a partnership between KARST, Peninsula Arts at Plymouth University, Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth History Centre and The Gallery at Plymouth College of Art. It is part of Horizon, a two-year visual arts programme in Plymouth supported by Arts Council England’s ‘Ambition for Excellence’ programme.
For more about Horizon, visit plymouthculture.co.uk/horizon