Mariana Lopez-Henen

The Ocean Corner C.I.C.
"Abyssal" is part of an international education project: Blue is for girls! Women working for the oceans, in Arts and Science. We aim to inspire young girls to become scientists. A project backed by Royal Society of Arts. Artists and scientists both have the ability to offer a deeper understanding of our Ocean. They are important storytellers that help people to see in new ways. Applying these talents to ocean science and conservation can create a new space for dialogue and understanding. Like scientists, artists conceptualize and put together ideas in new ways. The cross fertilization of disciplines through Blue is for girls! will result in a broader awareness of climate change issues. By providing a platform where experts from different disciplines are brought together, cross-pollination of ideas will transform both the scientists’ and artists’ work. "Abyssal" is a vintage dress up cycled with marine litter from Devon and Cornwall. It represents creatures from the deep sea. My practise, as a sustainable fashion designer is focused in up- cycling vintage clothes, marine using litter from the North Atlantic Ocean Gyre and, Mediterranean Sea. Addressing water pollution by the fashion industry, and plastic waste in the oceans. My mission is to change the way the world sees its waste, by using fashion to spread awareness of global issues, which are challenging our blue planet. To understand water cycles in climate change, I use satellite images by European Space Agency. Linking Research with Arts, to spread scientist knowledge through emotions. I am happy to run creative workshops with marine litter. And talks about this topic.