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    A Western Jugaad? Makers and Frugal Innovation
    ‘Jugaad’ is a Hindi word referring to an improvised solution born from ingenuity and resourcefulness. It is not dissimilar from the Western notions of ‘DIY’ or to ‘hack’, although the latter has strong technological associations whereas Jugaad can emerge in and through any media or material. In this workshop we want to explore frugal innovation through the field of contemporary craft, design-to-make and associated ‘maker-movement’ enthusiasts - including those associated with Fab Lab style set-ups - and hackers.
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    Place-Making-Space: a workshop of tools and methods for ‘crafting communities’ and ‘making places’ in the post-global / post-localism era
    Place-Making-Space workshop will bring together academics, practitioners and community members to share ideas and experiences that the role making has in shaping communities and to imagine the Place-Maker-Space as a physical, digital or 'other' workshop space, set of tools or methods for activating change in communities, the built environment and the places we live in the future.
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    Digital Crafting: defining the field
    Contemporary craft advocates understand craft to be an intelligent and directly engaged way to manipulate materials and processes, instead of the restricted range of manual techniques sanctified by tradition that dominated craft theory up to the turn of the millennium. A champion of this new approach is Richard Sennett, whose 2008 book 'The Craftsman' includes discussions of surgery, cooking, playing a musical instrument and computer programming, alongside the more conventionally accepted activities of carpentry and glassblowing. This more inclusive perspective removes the ideological barrier to acknowledging the validity of integrated manual practices and digital technologies that have become commonplace across the creative industries today.